About Me

Hi my name if Geri Petritz,

I am a new member at now lifestyle and pretty excited to get started. I have three beautiful children and a handsome son in law and two wonderful grandchildren. I grow up in Lake Arrowhead in California, I graduated from Rim of the World high school 1980 and received a scholarship in track and graduated from San Bernardino Valley College in California 1981 I went on to receiving my nursing degree.

I got a job at St Bernadine Hospital in San Bernardino California. Where I worked and trained. I got married to my first husband in 1985 where I had three beautiful children. In 1998 is when things did not worked out, we got a divorce, and we went on with our lives but took care of our children. 1996 is when I got a CDL and worked as an over the road truck driver in the winter and dump truck driver in the summer for 15 years.


Thanks to my family and their support, I was able to do this. I moved to Montana in 2004 where I finished raising my children. Montana is a beautiful state and if you like to hunt fish and camp this would be the place to come.

2007 is when I meet my husband James and we got married 2008 to present. 2009 I went back to college at Montana Tech University for my Accounting Human Rescores for 4 years. I could not finish due a sudden health issue with my husband.


Unfortunately, as we get older, we forget to take care of ourselves and when I saw now lifestyle, I figured this was the time for my husband and me to get healthy. My husband recent had been free of cancer for five years and the battle was real. On top of that he had a heart attack and then we found out he was diabetic.

The last five years my husband and I have been eating better and a constant aware to be sure we are always doing the right things for him. When my husband almost died three times is when life hits you in the face and it is time to get healthy and feel better. I am very excited to get started on my new business to help all of you as well as us. Thanks to Joel, he is going to make this happen for me and he can do it for you too.